RiverWild Assistant People Manager


Assistant People Manager  Job Description

Who We Are and How We Roll

Our desire for Riverwild is to use our gifts to serve others in such a way that our community is better because we were part of it. We strive to construct change, to provoke compassion, to cultivate relationships, and enrich lives with all we do. For any body of work to be successful, whether building homes, a family, or a neighborhood, it has to begin with a good foundation. For us, that means starting with our foundational values: Compassion, Community, Faith and Family.

The​ ​Bird’s​ ​Eye​ ​View

Riverwild is seeking an organized, energetic and passionate person to represent them in important day-to-day interactions with employees, businesses and organizations. Our goal is to take care of the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. Our Assistant People Manager will be there to make sure we are making a positive difference in people’s lives, whether we employ them, are doing business with them, or are simply engaging with them in our community.

The​ ​Big​ ​Stuff

As a strategic partner of the RiverWild team, the Assistant People Manager will utilize discretion and experience to aid in developing and implementing Human Resource programs and policies that align with One27/JSP critical business objectives, while supporting the People Manager and employees with their daily HR needs. The APM will assist in developing workforce strategies, forecast and address talent gaps, coordinate employee orientation, education and training, and manage employee relations, as well as implementing effective hiring, employee retention programs, and benefit management responsibilities.

The​ ​Bigger​ ​Stuff *Culture​ ​is​ ​Key​*

We take pride in our people, and want you to do the same, because our people are our biggest asset. Improving and maintaining an enriching company culture is top priority, so we want our APM to constantly brainstorm ways that our daily workflows and overall work environment can be improved for the benefit of our employees. We’re all about innovation - we want you to step out of the box on this one!

Squad​ ​Goals​

Our employees need to know that the APM cares about their well being and is a safe person with whom they can share questions and concerns. We encourage and expect weekly check-ins, lunches, and meetings to get to know our people and build a strong rapport with them. Basically, we want you to be the cool aunt/uncle with all the good advice.

Work​ ​Hard,​ ​Play​ ​Hard​

Our  Assistant People Manager will be responsible for the fun stuff, too! Examples for company outings and activities include pickup basketball, employee weight loss challenges, bible studies, concerts, etc. Simply put, making sure we all have a good time is part of the job!

Giving​ ​Back​

As we mentioned, we seek to take care of all of the people we interact with, and one of the ways we do that is through our non-profit, OneCompassion. Our Assistant People Manager will help manage the fundraising, coordination, and dispersing of funds and services through One Compassion’s various missions and events. It’s high on our list of priorities to have a positive impact on our community in every possible way.

Are you up for the job? To capably fulfil this role, the Assistant People Manager must possess:

  • A broad range of business experience knowledge, leadership skills, and overall care for all people, not just our people.
  • Strategic thinking skills.
  • Courage and decisiveness to either find success, or fail quickly, learn from it, and move forward.
  • Leadership Experience.
  • Technologically savvy to drive efficiencies and engage the workforce through innovations in technological solutions.
  • Experience in personnel management, either through past employment or through a non-profit, ministry, or church setting.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, coaching, and listening skills with the ability to communicate effectively within all levels of the organization. Able to develop strong, trusting relationships within the company.
  • The aptitude to thrive in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment, and the ability to work on various projects simultaneously with organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to perform task work under deadlines when necessary.

Why Work for Us?

Here at RiverWild, we believe that company culture plays a huge role in enjoying your job. We know that happy employees equal productive employees. If you have to work, you might as well enjoy it, right?

  • Free Snacks: Our kitchen is always stocked with healthy snacks, candy bars, sweets, sodas, coffee, and more.
  • Casual Dress Code: Replace your loafers and pumps with flats or sneakers.
  • Company Outings: We firmly believe in the “Work Hard, Play Hard” model. Included in our schedule will be monthly company functions.


Full time position: Includes paid vacation, paid personal days, health insurance, retirement contribution matching, and more.

Apply Today!

If this sounds like a position you’d enjoy and excel in, please email your resume to In your cover letter, paint us a picture of why you are the perfect person for this role. Let us know why you want to work at RiverWild. Applicants who do not adhere to these instructions will not be considered.